Our Team

John Callanan

Managing Director
John Calllanan is the founder of the Tareeda Properties group.

With over 3 decades of international real estate and property experience, John has developed great insight into property trends.

His hands-on, practical approach has enabled him to build a privately funded and diverse property development portfolio.

Taryn Callanan-McGregor

Taryn Callanan-McGregor oversees the administration, marketing, sales and financial management of the Tareeda Properties group of companies.

She is jointly responsible for business development.

Chris Hill

Development Project Manager
Chris has over three decades experience in land development and has extensive experience in urban, commercial, industrial and tourism developments. Chris joined Tareeda in 2005 and manages the entire Tareeda Properties development portfolio

Jeff Lawn

Financial Controller
Jeff Joined the team in 2013 and is responsible for the administration of Tareeda Group and oversees all aspects of the day to day accounting and bookkeeping.

Dan Mahoney

Storage King General Manager
Dan has been with Tareeda since 2000 and currently runs Storage King Geelong and has been involved many aspects of the businesses from management to recruitment.